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What Makes Blackstone So Different?

You get a COACH

Having an LSAT Instructor or Tutor is great and all...but it is not nearly enough. When you enroll as a Blackstone Student, we give you a Law School Acceptance Process Coach! We will know you, your situation, and what needs to be done to get you into law school.

Our Founder was the
LSAT Instructor

Her insights were invaluable and
teaching   methods were brilliant.
Today, they are only accessible
through Blackstone.

We are Family Owned
and Operated

Always have been!


Kendall Chavarria

"Hallie is so unbelievably helpful! She is really thorough when explaining the material and makes sure you're comfortable in case you have any questions. If you engage with the material and Hallie as she's teaching then you will gain exceptionally more from the program. The amount of material you will receive from Blackstone can seem overwhelming, however you'll develop an affinity for trying more and more questions. Also, if you have any questions about something, Hallie is a quick phone call or text away if you need anything. The material you learn is directly from previous LSAT's and the way Blackstone structures the course will have you properly prepared."

They helped my score increase 21 points!!!!!! And I had a pretty significantly low score before I began studying. I had given up on going to law school 8 years ago. However, despite all the panic and anxiety — my score increased thanks to Hallie and Blackstone’s courses!! I got accepted into 6 out of the 8 law schools that I applied to and I received scholarship offers from all 6 schools!!!! Thank you Hallie for helping me get into my dream law school, Stetson University!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE WHO STRUGGLES WITH THE LSAT!!! Truly wouldn’t be in law school without Blackstone!!!

Dominique Alford

"(Hallie) is awesome. She really broke down and simplified the test for me. I learned awesome tips that will even help me in law school. The course provides a TON of homework and resources for your success. Highly recommend!"

Elizabeth Pallone

"Blackstone Prep did an outstanding job preparing me for the LSAT! I jumped 16 points from my diagnostic test (pre-Blackstone) to my actual exam (post-Blackstone). They taught me how to tackle every type of question that the test could throw at me, which prepared me very well for exam day. I highly recommend Blackstone to anybody trying to prepare for the LSAT!"

Derwin Sánchez
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About Us

For nearly five decades, Blackstone has earned a reputation for providing the most effective and best-valued LSAT Exam Preparation Courses in Central Florida. Recently, we have begun extending our reach nationwide, however. Blackstone is a non-profit educational corporation, which has been in operation since 1976. Our corporate mission is "to provide the most instruction and the best instruction at the lowest possible cost to students." 

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