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You may be asking yourself, “What can I do to assure my success on the Bar Exam?” You may even be enrolled in a large bar review course. However, the question is, “Will that course be sufficient to get you through the exam?” The answer could be yes or no. Unfortunately, you will not know until after the bar exam.


We recommend that you supplement your large bar review course with live, individualized tutoring. Why? Big courses typically mean big classes. They also often rely heavily on videotaped or online instruction. Moreover, when live instruction is provided it is often impersonal, as a different instructor teaches every class. Consequently, these instructors do not know you, and they do not follow your individual progress throughout this important learning process.

Our highly experienced Bar Prep Tutor is available by private appointment at a reduced fee for Blackstone LSAT students.


Barron W. Given tutors in the Tampa Bay area. Bar Exam tutoring is $100 per hour, but only $50 per hour for Blackstone LSAT alumni.


You may email him directly at the email address below.

Barron Given: