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Stress Less Pace Course 

Class is once a week for 16 to 20 weeks.

8 Classes and 8 "Workout" Quizzes.


Virtual Zoom Classes and In Person are Available.


Three course sections are available: weekday afternoons, weekday evenings, weekends, or a combination that works best for you.     

If you score a 170 or better on the actual LSAT, we will refund HALF of your course fee.

The course is repeatable free once. Then, it costs only $150 per repetition for up to one year, anywhere offered by Blackstone.

Private tutoring is available to Blackstone LSAT students for only $20 per hour.

What We Provide You With

  • A "Zoom" Class Invite/recording of each class

  • A ViewBinder with a Handout for each class inside

  • 3 Quizzes to be done at home timed or in class depending on schedule

  • A Logical Reasoning Background Booklet

  • A Reading Comprehension Background Booklet

  • A Pre-Recorded Bonus lecture on "Flawed" Logic

  • An extra "Inference" Logic Handout, "Assumption" Logic Handout and Reading Comprehension Tips Handout

  • An MP4 Audio file of "Relax, Focus, Excel" (the only anti-anxiety reduction tool specifically for battling LSAT-induced jitters 

  • A Tote Bag to carry materials in

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