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Blackstone's Founder
Mimi Longworth

    Mimi Longworth completed both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Florida State University.  She then attended Law School at Nova Southeastern University School of Law where she was accepted with a full scholarship based on her LSAT score.

    In law school, Ms. Longworth was invited to join Law Review and her grades were among the highest in her class. As such, at the end of her first year, she created the nation's first Law School Prep Course in 1974.  She founded Blackstone Prep after her third year of law school in 1976.


     Since 1976 she has taken every published LSAT, analyzed and has taught every published LSAT Exam question to a live class.  Mimi Longworth is a member of both the National and Southern Associations of Pre-Law Advisors. She has taught LSAT Prep exclusively since 1976, has assisted over 15,000 students gain admission to law school. and no one has taught longer than she has. Thus:

 Ms. Longworth is the

nation's most experienced LSAT instructor!




Florida Bar Exam
Private Tutor
Baron W. Given



The next eight years were spent

in the insurance industry.

During that time, he acquired a Florida securities license, helped incorporate a successful investment company and served as a state director for it's subsidiary life insurance company. His duties included the recruitment and training of agents throughout southern Florida. During the registration process for the public offering, he worked with attorneys and developed an interest in law. As a result, he pursued a legal education at Stetson University College of Law.


For the next fifteen years he worked for both the Public Defender's and the State Attorney's offices. As a prosecutor, he served as chief overseeing several felony divisions, including crimes against children and homicides. He also often lectured at law enforcement seminars, was a faculty advisor for the National College of District Attorneys and became a certified instructor for DUI offenders.


The next sixteen years were devoted to both criminal and civil practice with a concentration in family law. Teaching continued as an adjunct professor, and in 2011, Mr. Given became a certified instructor for the Florida Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training. 

Baron W. Given comes to Blackstone with a very diverse background. After receiving an FAA commercial pilot license he began his teaching career as a certified flight instructor at Embry Riddle University. While the work was both challenging and rewarding, a new career path ensued. 

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