Materials Package

  • For over four decades Blackstone has earned a reputation for providing the most effective and best-valued LSAT Exam Preparation Courses in Central Florida. Blackstone is a non-profit educational corporation, which has been in operation since 1976. Our corporate mission is to provide the most instruction and the best instruction at the lowest possible cost to students. 


  • Blackstone offers FREE practice LSAT exams & Intro Classes for those seeking reliable information on the LSAT and wanting to take an actual, recent exam under testing conditions.


  • The course fee is $995, but there is a $100 discount for those who pay in full on or before your first instructional class. The course fee includes our extensive materials package of over 1,000 pages.


  • Taught by the most experienced instructor in the Nation!


  • No Course in Tampa has EVER been canceled.


  • Private tutoring is available to Blackstone LSAT students for only $20 per hour.


  • The course is repeatable for only $300 per repetition for up to one year, anywhere offered by Blackstone.


  •  Three course sections are available; weekday afternoons, weekday evenings, weekends, or a combination that  works best for you.     


  • Our course produces significant score improvement, as 98% of our graduates increase their scores by an average  of 13 points with repetition!


  • If you score over 170 on the actual LSAT, we will refund HALF of your course fee.