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Full LSAT Prep One on One Tutoring Package

This popular package includes in-person or online tutoring for over 20 hours; covering all the concepts tested on the LSAT. 


Commonly referred to as the "You're In!" Package by our students (which is actually rather fitting since currently 100% of our students that have opted for this Tutoring Package have been accepted to law school!) you are guaranteed to receive the personalized attention you need to do your personal best on the LSAT.

All of the materials will be provided, your personal statement will be edited and more.

If you wish to continue tutoring after the 20 hours of included tutoring time have all been used, you may do so for only $35 per hour!

Call today to speak to a staff member about this package and the other options available to you!


Regular Pace Course 

Classes meet for 4 hours 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks.


Lessons will include 8 Concept Classes, at least 4 full-length Practice Exams and full Reviews of those exams and typically 3 "Workout" Quizzes.


In Person and live Classes via 'Zoom' are Available.


If you score a 170 or better on the actual LSAT, we will refund HALF of your course fee.

The course is repeatable free once. Then, it costs only $150 per repetition for up to one year, anywhere offered by Blackstone.

What We Provide You With

  • A "Zoom" Class Invite/recording of each class

  • A ViewBinder with a Handout for each class inside

  • 3 Quizzes to be done at home timed or in class depending on schedule

  • A Logical Reasoning Background Booklet

  • A Reading Comprehension Background Booklet

  • A Pre-Recorded Bonus lecture on "Flawed" Logic

  • An extra "Inference" Logic Handout, "Assumption" Logic Handout and Reading Comprehension Tips Handout

  • An MP4 Audio file of "Relax, Focus, Excel" (the only anti-anxiety reduction tool specifically for overcoming LSAT-induced jitters!) 

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