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Law School 101 Prep Course 


You have two choices: you can go into your first
year blind, wasting time, money and energy trying
to develop a winning battle plan to combat the
mortal perils of law school. Or, you can take this
course, be prepared from day one, and swim
comfortably while your fellow first-years struggle to
breathe. This is not exactly a hard decision to make.


Eric W. – FIU College of Law

This course gave me something money can never
buy; confidence. It was full of absolutely invaluable
information, tips and suggestions. No longer am I
apprehensive about my first semester, instead, I am
excited because I know I am going to do amazing.
Thank you so much!


Rachel B. – Stetson University College of Law

I was lost in my understanding of what to expect
going into law school. Now, after taking the “Law
School 101” Course I have a legitimate and sound
understanding of how to prepare and what to expect
going into my first year.


William W. – Barry University College of Law

I highly recommend Blackstone Prep’s “Law School
101” for any pre-law student who would like to
succeed in law school. The instruction and extensive
materials package are invaluable. Blackstone
provides a road map to first year law school success.
Thank you!


Travis S. – FIU College of Law

The Blackstone “Law School 101” Course is the best
way I can think of to help entering law students
prepare for the upcoming journey. It is refreshing to
have instructors who truly care about the success of
their students.

Michael A. – New York Law School

Taking this course was the best preparation I could
have had before law school. The course examines key
insights to law school and the first year strategies.
With the new insights I have gained and the success
tools, I am confident that I will be successful.

Patrice D. - Northeastern University School of Law





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